Dog wif katana

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Total supply: 1,000,000,000 KATANA


In the digital world, where trust is a rare art,
A samurai coin rises, fair from the start.
No spoils for the creators, its launch pure and true,
A warrior's code in every byte, in every hue.

With supply spread wide at the very first light,
Each holder a warrior in this financial fight.
Against the shadowy ninja, a rival unseen,
The samurai's honor remains steadfast and keen.

In markets where fairness often takes flight,
This coin stands a beacon, shining bright.
With no team allocation, its path is clear and bold,
A tale of equity and valor, in the blockchain world, is told.

Through the cyber battlegrounds, it weaves its fate,
A symbol of integrity, challenging the digital state.
In a landscape of uncertainty and speculative night,
The samurai coin shines forth, a beacon of fair and right.

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